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reason why we should let it come back at any
appearance of victory or recovery, why we should
not go ahead from where we are to a less im-
promptu socialist regime under a permanent non-
party administration, to the reality if not to the
form of a permanent socialist government ?
Now here I have nothing to suggest about
America. I have never, for example, tried to
work out the consequences of the absence of
executive ministers from the legislature. I am
inclined to think that is one of the weak points
in the Constitution and that the English usage
which exposes the minister to question time in the
House and makes him a prime mover in legisla-
tion affecting his department, is a less complicated
and therefore more democratic arrangement than
the American one. And the powers and functions
of the President and the Senate are so different
from the consolidated powers of Cabinet and
Prime Minister, that even when an Englishman
has industriously " mugged up" the constitu-
tional points, he is still almost as much at a loss
to get the living reality as he would be if he were
shown the score of an opera before hearing it
played or the blue prints of a machine he had
never seen in action. Very few Europeans
understand the history of Woodrow Wilson, the
Senate and his League of Nations, They think